LeatherFestXI Open Equestrian Classic - Human Pony Show

Palm Springs, CA. September 2nd, 2001

Purpose: To offer all human ponies and trainers an opportunity to showcase their individual talents and personalities in a fun and supportive environment. This promises to be one of the finest Equestrian events of its kind.

Who May Compete: All human equines are encouraged to enter regardless of experience, breed, or gender. Ponies may compete with or with out a trainer/handler. All styles of riding or presentation are supported and will be judged equally. You must be a LeatherFestXI registrant to participate.

Rules and Order of Events: All ponies must have submitted a completed entrant's form 1/2 hour to the start of the show. Ponies and their handlers ( if they have one, (having a handler or trainer is not necessary ) are required to be at the show facility, tacked up and ready to go, 15 minutes prior to the show. A representative for each entry will be called up to select a number for their placement in line. The show will start with a parade of ponies to the ring area. Judges will then individually inspect each pony for awards in confirmation and appointments.

Afterwards, each pony will have up to 3 minutes to perform a routine or just strut their stuff in the ring for the judges and the audience. During this performance ponies will be judged on gymkhana and if they have a handler/ trainer that person will be judged on horsemanship. The judges will then tally their scores and ribbons will be awarded in various categories.

Afterwards, the general public will be invited to meet the ponies and handlers. Ponies may opt to only compete in only the line up or the performance. Only ponies that enter all of the categories (both line up and in ring performance) are eligible for Best of Show and Most Promising Novice awards. Photography policy will be determined by the sponsors of the show.

Main Categories: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place ribbons will be given in the following catagories. At the judges discretion, honorable mention ribbons may also be awarded.

Confirmation: The pony will be judged on grooming, general health, ponyism, physical attributes (inside and outside beauty, posture, pride, etc), and role - play.
Appointments: The pony's tack and costuming will be judged on fit, craftsmanship, harmony of design, function, and creativity.
Horsemanship: This is a category for handlers and trainers. They will be judged on communication (stress is on non-verbal signals) , ability, attire and poise, creativity, and use of the ring.
Gymkhana: Ponies will be judged on athleticism, rhythm, ponyism, responsiveness, energy, execution, and creativity.

Special Categories: 1 ribbon will be awarded in each of these categories:

Best of Show: This will be awarded to pony judges believe to be the best in show.
Most Promising Novice Pony: This will be awarded to the novice pony judges believe to be the most promising future champion.
Sportsmanship Award: A very special award to the person (trainer, owner, handler, groom, or other) that has sincerely demonstrated good sportsmanship, support, generosity of spirit and knowledge, and friendship through out the pony play community.
Most Humorous Pony: I believe the title says it all , as well as a reminder we are all here to have fun!
Sexiest Pony Girl: Again, I think this says it all <<grin>>. The judges and audience wants to see you fillies flaunt your finest! Cross-dressed male to female ponies will be judged as pony girls.
Sexiest Pony Boy: Here is a chance for the ponyboys to strut their stuff.
Cross-dressed female to male ponies will be judged as pony boys.
Best Whinny: Awarded to the pony with the best whinny, wuffles, snorts, and or other pony sounds.

Judges and staff to be announced. In the interim any questions may be addressed to Mistress Lalique at (508) 420-9045 but preferably by e-mail. (click her name to send her an email)


LeatherfestXI Open Equestrian Classic Human Pony Show


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